Right: week.juridgas..- SPB .. 1910 No. 33. August 15

Right: week.juridgas..- SPB.1910 No. 33. August 15.- [V.M.Hesse], 1910. -1975-2022 STB.: Tab .. -Content: problems of local self-government and the attitude towards them of the State Duma / [OP.] IV.Nervetsky.Explanations prof.Sergeyevich about his criticism "introduction into the study of the right and morality" / [cit.] Prof.L.I.Petrazhitsky.Congress of the International Union of Criminalists / V.L.Government actions.Judicial reports, [and others].- Bibliogr.in a substrateNote..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher [В.М. Гессен]

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