Right: week.juridgas..- SPB .. 1901 № 23. June 3

Right: week.juridgas..- SPB.1901 № 23. June 3.- [A type.Spb.ac.Out.Affairs in Russia E. Evdokimov], 1901. -1123-1162 STB .. -Content.: V.D.SPASOVYCH: (by the fifty-year-old anniversary) / [cit.] F.I.Rhodicheva.On the question of covering the expenditures on the Zemstvo management from special sums / [cit.] D.D.Lobanova.Civil Caming of the German Empire / V.E.Letter to the editorial office.attorney / [cit.] G. Schifer.Judicial reports, [and others].- Bibliogr.in a substrateNote.And in the text off.Articles..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher [Тип. СПб. акц. о-ва печ. дела в России Е. Евдокимов]

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