Essays of the language of Russian peasants

Karinsky, Nikolai MikhailovichEssays of the language of Russian peasants: Speaking Vanilovo village: (according to the materials of the In-Taja expedition and thinking of 1932) / N.M.Karinsky, of the USSR;With the participation of E.A.Komsilova, A.S.Bednyakova and A.V.Teucheva;Acad.Sciences of the USSR.Dialectographic commission in-style Yaz.and thinking to them.Acad.N.Ya.Marra.- Moscow;Leningrad: Socsekgiz, 1936. -175 s .. - -In front of the text of the dedication: "... the bright memory of Academician N.Ya. Marra."Decree.Persons over whose speech was conducted by observations: with.173-174.- a substrateNote..I. Techechev, A.V. II.Marr, Nikolai Yakovlevich (1864-1934).III.Komsilova, E.A. IV.Bednyakov, A.S. V. Academy of Sciences of the USSR.In-t yaz.and thinking to them.Acad.N.Ya.Marra.Dialectographic Commission.Electronic Source: PB
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