The twelfth year

Vasenko, Platon Grigorievich (1874-).
The twelfth year: Essay on the history of the Fatherland. war / P.G. Vasenko; With the pref. prof. S.F. Platonov. - 2 nd ed., With portraits, figures, maps. and with a copy in paints with a picture of IE. Repin. -Saint Petersburg: Ed. Ya. Bashmakova and Co., 1912. -XVI, 204, [4] p., 1 liter. to.: ill., Port. ; 20 cm. -
Ouch. ord. M-va trade and prom-ty 1 st ed. admitted to the student's office commercial. Schools.
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I. Platonov, Sergei Fedorovich (1860-1933). II. Repin, IE.1. The people (the collection).
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Publisher издание Я. Башмакова и К°
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