The Tambov region. 1913. No. 1798. September 8

The Tambov Region
1913. No. 1798. September 8: The Year of the ed. 6. - Ed. BA Bogdanovich, 1913 (Tambov: Electro-type, gubernaya board). - [4] c. : il .. -
It turns out daily, except for the days following the holidays. On Mondays there are illustrated numbers.
Contents: Памяти П.А. Stolypin. The opening of the monument in Kiev. Speech Balashov. Armed clashes on the Serb-Albanian border. Our harvest, [and others]. - Ex. def .: the text goes into the binding.
1. Territory (collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: TUNB
Publisher Изд. Б.А. Богданович

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