Tikhon Malyshka, Rostov bishop of the 16th century

Titov, Andrei Alexandrovich (1844-1911).
Tikhon Malyshka, Rostov bishop of the XVI century: Concerning the depiction of St. Tikhon of Yaroslavetsky in Kaz. Icon of the Mother of God, located in the church of the Savior on Bozhedomka, in Moscow: Chit. in the meeting of the Church-Archeol. ord. Moscow. Islands of perfume lovers. enlightenment on 29 September. 1908 / An.A.A. Titov. - Moscow: printer. A.I. Snegireva, 1908.-18 with. ; 26 cm. -
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I. Tikhon of Yaroslavl (-1506). II. Tikhon Karashsky (-1506) .1. The people (the collection).
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Location of original: TIAMZ
Publisher печ. А.И. Снегиревой

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