Wanderer. G. 53. 1912. July

Wanderer: Spiritual scientific and literary magazine: G 1-58 - St. Petersburg: In Grechulevich, 1860-1917 -
Index of the spiritual scholarly-literary magazine "Strannik" for the 3rd five years of its publication (1870-1875) St. Petersburg , 1875; 2 nd ecc. Prikl to 1874 December, 1875 Jan-March, May-June, Aug)
Index of the spiritual scholarly-literary magazine "Strannik" for the first decade of its publication (1860-1869) St. Petersburg, 1870
in: 1860 - 1876 September Holy Father Grechulevich; 1876 ​​October - 1880 August Holy Protopopov; 1880 Sep / Oct - 1885 Aug A Vasilkov, A Ponomarev, E Prilezhaev; 1885 Sep - 1892 June / July And Vasilkov, L Ponomarev; 1892 Aug - 1899 Apr AI Ponomarev (since 1898 without decree ed); 1899 oktas - 1904 Aug Prof. A Lopukhin (in part Nos. Without decree ed); 1904 September - 1917 RA Artemyev (Lopukhin's native)
Podzag: 1860-1882 Spiritual scholarly and literary journal (on the region of 1860-1874 without subtitles, from 1875: Spiritual Journal); 1883-1899 Spiritual Journal; 1900-1917 The Spiritual Journal of Modern Life, Science and Literature (on the Region: The Spiritual Journal)
In 1870 four 4-sheet volumes of volumes
T1 are included in the journal, articles of the general section of the journal for Jan-June, same for July-December; T 3 - section of the bibliography, chronicles and notes for January-June, T 4 - the same for July-December, each volume has its contents
2 copies of all issues of the journal def: abs, except: 1873 T 3 July 1879 T 4 Kn 11-12, 1880 Sep / Oct, 1915-1917 yr
Since 1881, in connection with the release of the journal (since September 1880) under a new edition, a new account of the years of publication is being carried out, since 1898 continues the previous account
1 People (collection)
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им АИ Герцена
G 53 1912 July - Pecs Graphic Institute, Br. Lukszewicz, 1912 - [2], 120 s -
Principles of 1860 г
Contents: Memories of the Belgorod festivities / Prot Malyarevsky On the issue of mutual relations between church and state : Protest of the Patriarch Nikon against historical relations between the highest state power that we historically had for the church and the Preobrazhensky Debate in the State Duma according to the estimates of the Holy Synod: Session 85 March 6, 1912 Phenomena of the Resurrected Savior / TA Gurney, [and others] - Bibliography in text and substrings of notes - Ex: def: part from absences
1 People (collection)
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им АИ Герцена
Publisher Печ. Графич. ин-та, бр. Лукшевиц

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