Free education. 1907-1908. No. 6

Free education
1907-1908. No. 6 / Ed. I. Gorbunov-Posadov. - [1907-1908]. -128 stb. : ill., tab. -
Contents: Requests for children's thoughts / IM. Soloviev. Children's "whims" and the fight against them / Dr A.S. Butkevich. How to help learn to draw: (From fig.) / Prof. Augsburg; With the English. N.I. Zhivago. Child labor and new ways / S.T. Shatsky. Manual labor and drawing in primary school: (From fig.) / A.N. Konshin, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note
I. Gorbunov-Posadov, I.I. The people (the collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им. A.I. Herzen

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