Young guard.G. 19. 1940. KN.1

Young guardG. 19. 1940. KN.1: Art.lit., science, art, journalism, criticism / ed.B. Lapina, V. Lugovsky, L. Ovalova, etc. - Publishing House of the Central Committee of the Wallsm "Young Guard", 1940. -160 s .. -For oblast: 1.Bibliogr.In the text and substitution.Note..-35000 cop..I. oval, l .. ii.Lugovskaya, in .. iii.Lapin, b..1.People (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of storage of the original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen
Publisher Изд-во ЦК ВЛКСМ "Молодая гвардия"

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