Red International of trade unions. 11. 11. 1931. № 14. July 25

Red International of Trade Unions
11. 11. 1931. № 14. July 25: Authority of the Executive. Bureau of the Profintern: Two-week ed. in Russian, German, French, English and Spanish. yaz. / Redkol .: A. Abolin, R. Haek, G. Kostanyan and others; Otv. Ed. A. Lozovsky. - Gos. published in the mass polit. and party lit. "The Moscow Worker", 1931. -32 p. : tab. -
Ex: without.
. -7000 copies. .
I. Kostanyan, G. II. Lozovsky, A. .. III. Abolin, A. .. IV. Gajek, R. 1. The people (the collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГПУ им. A.I. Herzen
Publisher Гос. изд-во массовой полит. и партийной лит. "Московский рабочий"

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