Essays on the life of the Priayan Tungus


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Pekarsky, Eduard Karlovich (1858-1934).
Essays on the life of the Priayan Tungus = Etudes sur la vie des toungouses habitant pres du port ayan: With 4 maps. and 1 tab. : (Reported at the meeting of the East Philological Department on November 16, 1911) / [Comp.] E.K. Pekarsky and V.P. Tsvetkova. - St. Petersburg: Type. Imp. Acad. Sciences, 1913. - [4], 128 with. : ill., Table. ; 29 cm. - (Collection of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography under the Imperial Academy of Sciences = Publications du Musee d'anthropologie et d'ethnographie de l'academie Imperiale des Sciences de St.-Petersbourg, T. 2. Issue 1 (17). -
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I. Tsvetkov, V.P. 1. The people (the collection).
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