Forest magazine.G. 36. 1906. Vol.4. April

Forest JournalG. 36. 1906. Vol.4. April: ed.Forest O-Wa in S. Petersburg.- Type of.Spb.Graduality, 1906. -2, 373-472, 10, [3], 82 p.: Tab .. -Content: from the Council of Forest Society.I. Types of plantings of Romanovsky forestry: (ending) / A. Bitrich.II.Forest beneficiaries / M. Endres Prof.;Per.L. Rudovits.III.Preferential sale of forest from a fiscal point of view / D.K.Sainne.IV.Paul Grabner, "Handbuch der Heidekultur" (1904): (The end follows) / Referred M. Gurvich, [and others].- In the book.Also: Systematic Indicator of the Forest Journal, published by St. Petersburg Forest Society in five years 1901-1905./ Composed I.I.Surozh.- the text.- Ex.: Without tit.l..I. Forest Society (St. Petersburg) .1People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal storage location: VIR
Publisher Тип. Спб. Градоначальства

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