The agrarian question in today's statement and its significance for the Russian North

Kishchenko, Ivan Antonovych (1877-1942).The agrarian question in the modern setting and its value for the Russian North: report of the northern regional congress of representatives of the land committees in Vologda October 25, 1917 / [I.A. Kishchenko].- Petrozavodsk: Olonetsk provincial printing, 1917. - [2] 25.;24 cm. -Author indicated on the cover..I. Northern Regional Congress of the representatives of the Land Committees (Vologda, 1917) .1.The area (collection).2. The Republic of Karelia: the pages of history (the collection).3. The territory of Russia: Karelia, Republic of (collection).4. Agriculture - Russia - North.5. The agrarian question - Russia - 1917.BBK 63.3 (281) 53-2electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: NBR Karelia
Publisher Олонецкая губернская типография
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