Examination of the icebreaker "Alexander Sibiryakov." Descent of the sonar of the circular view to the place of the death of the...

Melnikov, Ilya Sergeevich
Examination of the icebreaker "Alexander Sibiryakov." Descent of the sonar of the circular survey to the place of the ship's death: [photo] / photo IS Melnikova, OOO "Fertoing". - Electronic data (1 file: 1.4 MB). -Karskoye More, 2015. -
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The icebreaking ship "Alexander Sibiryakov" died on August 25, 1942, taking an unequal battle with German heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer in the Kara Sea. In the battle heroically killed 79 sailors and polar explorers. The icebreaker team at the cost of their lives saved the port of Dixon, the headquarters of the naval operations of the Northern Sea Route, from destruction, destroying the plans of the German command to destroy icebreaker caravans that transported transports from the Far East to the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. The ship "Alexander Sibiryakov" lies at a depth of 49 meters in the Gulf of Middendorf of the Kara Sea, in coordinates established in 2014 by the participants of the first "Kara expedition". The external survey of the vessel by divers in 2015 within the framework of the second season of the "Kara expedition" made it possible to establish that the ship has significant damage to the superstructures caused by the ingress of large-caliber artillery shells and subsequent fire. At the end of the underwater survey, a plaque was fixed on board the ship "Alexander Sibiryakov" on the ship. From the side of the multifunctional search vessel "Baltika" at the point of the ship's death, a mourning wreath was entrusted. The regional public project "Karskie Expeditions" was implemented with the financial support of the NGO "Regional Innovation Investment Fund" YAMAL " .
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