Search and inspection of the destroyer "Active" in the Barents Sea. Elements of a destroyer add-on

Melnikov, Ilya Sergeevich
Search and inspection of the destroyer "Active" in the Barents Sea. Elements of the destroyer superstructure: [photo] / photo IS Melnikova, OOO "Fertoing". - Electronic data (1 file: 0.9 MB). -Barents Sea, 2016. -
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At the beginning of July 2016, employees of Fertoing LLC aboard a special- Kendrick ", provided to JSC" MRTS ", carried out complex works on searching and identification of the destroyer" Active ", who died in January 1945 during the attack of the German submarine" U-997 "in the Barents Sea. The search area was established due to archival documents. During the search, the actual location of the destroyer, lying at a depth of about 135 meters in the Barents Sea, northeast of Bolshoy Oleny Island, was established. Within a few days, with the help of a remote-controlled underwater vehicle, the crash site was examined and a detailed inspection of the ship's hull was carried out. The collected data make it possible to state with a high degree of probability that the discovered wreck is a destroyer "Active" .
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