PSPallas, Doctors Medicine, Professor of the Natural History and Member of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences, and St. Pet...

Pallas, Peter Simon (1741-1811).PS Palls, Doctors Medicine, Professor of the Natural History and Member of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences, and St. Petersburg Communion Volnago Economic Society, also the Roman Imperial Academy of Natural Toppers and Krubigo Aglinskago Schedule Meeting, Journey through different provinces of the Russian Empire.- St. Petersburg: with imp.Acad.Sciences, 1773-1788.- 4 °.-Stall.Part 3 (half 1 and 2): Peter Simon Pallas, Medicine of the Doctor, Natural History of Professor, St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences and Volnago Economic Society, Roman Imperial Academy, Krubigo Aglinskago Meeting and Berlinskago Natural Society of Member Society for Different Provinces of Russian State.Translated Vasily Zuev.Stall.C.2 KN.The command of the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences, from the German language on the Russian translated Bunchukovka Comrade Fedor Toman, the Imperial Academy of Sciences, Krubago Pruzskargo of the German Meeting of the Correspondent, and established a member of the Moscow International University of Russia.To rus.Yaz.Part 1 lane.S.I.Volkov and V.G.Crutches (the last lane. Addition), part 2F.O.Togansky, Part 3 - V.F. Zuev.Maps engraved N. Zubkov, A. Medvedev, A. Rykov, L. Sergeev, S. Silunov, K. Frolov, P. Colds.Part 1 ed.Cathed. Trying about the lane.foreignerkn.Stall.Orig.: Reise Durch Verschieedene Provinzen Des Ru? Ischen Reichs.TH.1-3.1771-1776.Circulation 600 copies.Il.LetWith boards used in ed.On him.Yaz.On the boards, the Russian is additionally engraved.text.Il.By Part 3 with the addition of Rus.Texts are found only in later OTT.- on paper with a watermark 1802At the end of each part in the form of adding a description of animals and plants .. - XVIII..I. Sergeev, Leonthy (1753-1799).II.Rykov, Alexander Maksimovich (? -After 1806).III.Silhos, with .. IV.Colds, Prokhor (1740-1815).V. Frolov, Konstantin.Vi.Medvedev, A .. VII.Kostov, Vasily Grigorievich (1749-after 1788).VIII.Volkov, Samson Ivanovich (1737-?).IX.Tumansky, Fyodor Osipovich (1746-1810).X. Zubkov, N .. xi.Zuev, Vasily Fedorovich (1752-1794).Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher При Имп. Акад. наук

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