Russian History

Glinka, Sergey Nikolaevich (1776-1847).Russian history / worked by Sergey Glino.- Edition of the third.-Moscow: in university typography, 1818. -RuCOP.Sources are indicated on C.Vi h. 3.;8 ° (21 cm).-Stroke.Note.auth.US.I - XIX h. 1 preface.Auth.: Objections to the grantation of Russians, or the Rusky and the application of history to the benefits of family and public.Cents: I.A.Dvigubsky, 21 (Part 1 - 2, 5 - 6), 23 (Part 3 - 4) Saint.1818Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Dvigubsky, Ivan Alekseevich (1771-1839) .1Fedor Ivanovich (King; 1557-1598).2. Peter I (imp.; 1672-1725).3. Mikhail Fedorovich (King; 1596-1645).4. Rurik (KN; -879).Electronic copy source: RGB
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