Works of N.K.Mikhailovsky.T. 6. 1) Voltaire-man and Voltaire thinker (1870).2) Count Bismarck (1871).3) The preface to the book ...

Mikhailovsky, Nikolai Konstantinovich (1842-1904).Works of N.K.Mikhailovsky: T. 1-6.- St. Petersburg: Ed.Journal."Russian wealth", 1896-1897.-6 t.;27. -In the 2nd ed.N.N.Mikhailovsky plug.: Complete works of N.K.Mikhailovsky..Electronic copy source: PBT. 6: 1) Voltaire-man and Voltaire thinker (1870);2) Count Bismarck (1871);3) preface to the book about Ivan the Terrible (1888);4) Ivan the Terrible in Russian literature (1891);5) a stick about the two ends (1877);6) a romantic story (1878);7) political economy and social science (1879);8) the reader's diary (1885-1888);9) random notes and letters about different differences (1888-1892).- 1897. - [4] p., 1046 STB .. -.I. Voltaire (1694-1778).II.Bismarck.III.Ivan IV Terrible (king; 1530-1584).Electronic copy source: PB
Publisher ред. журн. "Русское богатство"

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