Two of divination.Urine (Urina) in folk medicine

Gorodtsov, Peter A. (1865-1919).Two of divination;Urine (Urina) in traditional medicine / PA Gorodtsov.- Village Artamonovka Tyumen County, August 1908 -17, 12 sheets.-Without a cover sheet and cover.Author Set at the end of the text.Typewritten text with handwritten litters per side.Report pagination: sheet 24 is omitted.Contains: Two divination: Guessing on beans and Divination crease..1. People (collection).2. Divination - History - Russia.3. Traditional medicine - Siberia.4. Urine.5. Tobolsk Province - Ethnography.BBK 63.51 (28-8Tob) -7BBK 86.414.9BBK 53,589BBK 53,592electronic copy Source: Tyumen BSSThe storage location of the original: The museum complex of the Tyumen region
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