Russian review.1901.

Russian Review: Literary and Political and Scientific Journal.- Moscow, 18931901. Vol.1 / Ed.Alexei Filippova.- type-lit."Rus. T-Vains. And ed.", 1901. - [386] p.section.Pag .. -Content: Mounting: Tale of Genot.In the fall: Poems Prince A.P.Kugusheva.Original in Russian music / [cit.] Prof.N. Kashkin.On the watchdog shaft: Poem V.A.Kozhevnikova.Intelligence: Sketch of Major General N. Orlova, [and others].- a substrateNote.and in the text..I. KEPPEN, P.E. II.Philippov, Alexey.1.Russian language (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGPU them.A.I.Herzen
Publisher типо-лит. "Рус. т-ва печ. и изд. дела"

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