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1812: historical chronicle in 3 acts and 9 paintings / [op.] GA Ermolov and PK Stepanova. - [St. Petersburg, 1912]. - [4], 26 sec. -
Working copy.
Text typewritten. - A copy of the St. Petersburg State Theater Library with a stamp and handwritten note: The Main Directorate for Press Affairs submitted to the People's Theaters approved Feb. 10. 1912 Censor ... [The signature is illegible]. - The state.
Action of the play begins July 15, 1812 at the Sloboda Palace in Moscow. A crowd of people in front of the palace awaits the Emperor's exit, Count Rostopchin comes out and reads the appeal of Emperor Alexander I to the people. The second picture describes the audience of Adjutant-General Balashov from Napoleon in the Vilnius Palace. Then the action is transferred to the Headquarters of the First Russian Army in Smolensk, where the defense plan is being discussed. The second act opens on August 17, 1812 in the bivouac of the Russian troops. The next picture shows the last minutes of the Battle of Borodino on August 26, 1812. The action is transferred to the military council in Fili. In the third act, Napoleon enters Moscow. The last picture represents Kutuzov's meeting with the authorized Napoleon, Count Lorist. The war is drawing to a close, and its outcome is already decided. - Among the actors historical personalities: MI Golenischev-Kutuzov, FV Rostopchin, MB Barclay de Tolly, KF Tol, AP Ermolov, Napoleon I, DV Davydov, AI Osterman-Tolstoy, NN Raevsky, PI Bagration .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. Patriotic War - Fiction - 1812. 3. Plays Russian - 19 - beg. 20th centuries.
ББК 63.3 (2) 521.1-686
BBK 84 (2Рос = Рус) 1
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Original storage: St. Petersburg. state. Theater. b-ka
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