Administrative Herald. D. 4 [i.e. 3] 1925, No. 11 (November)

Administrative Herald: monthly magazine: the organ of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. - Moscow: "Zagotokhoz" of the militia of the Republic, 1922-1930
D. 4 [i.e. 3] 1925, No. 11 (November). - 1925. - 114, [2] p. -
Contents: Sections: Corrective labor, Police and threats, Education, Local, Bibliography, Questions and Answers, Mailbox; articles: The eighth anniversary of R.-K. the police. To the organization of the International Union of Criminalists / A. A. Herzenzon. Step order and our punitive policy / Ostrovsky. About our journal / NO Determination of citizenship (ending) / L. Dyakonov. State Institute for the Study of Crime / Mih. Gernet. Museum business as one of the forms of extracurricular cultural and educational work in places of detention / Yu. Yu. Bekhterev. The main features of crime (ending) / Tarnovsky. Police (verses) / Mih. Lonely. Statistics on the disclosure of crimes / EV Znamensky and other materials .
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