Administrative Herald. 1930, No. 1 (Jan.)

Administrative Herald: monthly magazine: the organ of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. - Moscow: "Zagotokhoz" of the militia of the Republic, 1922-1930
1930, No. 1 (Jan.). - Publishing House of the NKVD, 1930. - 63, [1] p. -
Contents: sections: Preparation questions, Correctional labor, For rationalization, On the ground, Mailbox, What are they writing about, Bibliography, Reference and Legal Department, Legislation Review; articles: Socialist competition in the administrative buildings / S. Tager. For further decentralization of administrative work / M-h. More on the abolition of the outposts / D. Galashev. Society for Police Assistance and Threatening / I. Kiselev. An experience worthy of attention / Bor. Bankovsky. To the issue of popularization of scientific methods of investigation of crimes / A. Chernushchenko. Preparation of the junior commander of the transfer to places / I. Lvov. Our Ural experience / SP Zh. Orabotka admapparata / I. Romanchenko. Construction of search bodies in the Kursk indicative district / F. Khomyakov. On the written search / Sidenko. A few comments on the procedure for collecting fines / Varlachev. On the issue of the procedure for issuing identity cards / Ovsyannikov. Ivanovo regional meeting of the chiefs of the subordination departments / SK Itogi of the 3rd district meeting of the administrators of the Orel district / V. Gorodkov. Rationalization of the discovery table / L. Kravets and other materials .
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