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Sokolov, Vasily Nikitich (1896-1956).    
The questionnaire; Supplement to the questionnaire / Sokolov Vasily Nikitich; [Office of the State Labor Savings Bank of Leningrad]. - [Leningrad], 1953. - 2 sheets (1 sheet folded in half); 30х21 cm. -
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Questionnaire and Addition to the questionnaire of Vasily Nikitich Sokolov, Head of the Administrative and Economic Sector of the State Savings Bank of the City of Leningrad. The questionnaire lists: surname, name, patronymic, time and place of birth, estate and social origin, education, profession, party membership, participation in the October Revolution, attitudes toward military service, arrests and penalties, marital status, information about parents, duty stations from the beginning of independent life and other information. The supplement to the questionnaire contains information about family members and close relatives. Handwritten litters are made in ink. At the end of the questionnaire and additions to the questionnaire, the handwritten signature and date: 10 / VII 1953. .
I. Leningrad City Administration of State Labor Savings Bank. II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) .1. Sokolov, Vasily Nikitich (1896-1956) - Documents and materials. 2. Leningrad City Administration of State Labor Savings Banks - Documents and Materials. 3. The people (the collection).
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