Army, conquered time

Army, conquered time: a popular science film / aut .: Michael and Elena Chumak; text read by Vladimir Mashkin, Nauk. consultants: S. V. Derkach, A. V. Dedyulkin. - Multimedia electronic publication. - [Moscow]: Atlas-Media studio, 2009. - 1 video (1 h 3 min 57 s): sound, color, ch.-b. -
Ver. with the title. screen.
It comes out within the framework of the Russian open humanitarian project of popular science film Atlas of Culture.
The film introduces the viewer to a historical miniature in which, based on scrupulous research and reconstruction, details of the military battles of the past epochs are recreated. The film traces the whole process of creating a historical miniature from the design to casting and painting of the finished sculpture, representing outstanding artists and sculptors working in this genre .
I. Chumak, Mikhail. II. Chumak, Elena. III. Mashkin, Vladimir. IV. Derkach, S. V. .. V. Dedyulkin, A. V. .. VI. "Atlas-Media", a film studio (Moscow). VII. "Atlas of Culture", the Russian open humanitarian project of popular science films. 1. The people (the collection). 2. Military history - Reflection - Art - Multimedia publications. 3. Military-historical miniature - Multimedia publications. 4. Historical documentaries.
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Publisher киностудия "Атлас-Медиа"
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