Maxim Grec's talk about the benefits of grammar;

Maxim Grec's talk about the benefits of grammar; : With addition: 1) Estates of names according to the azadi, with the interpretation of Slavic; 2) Interpretations of grammatical to two prayers: the Heavenly King and our Father. - Published in Moscow: [University printing house, from N. Novikov], 1782. - [2], 79 p. ; 8. -
Published by AS Syromyatnikov.
Extracts from the "Grammar" Meleti Smotrytsky (M., 1648) .
I. Maxim the Greek (ok.1475-1556). II. Novikov, Nikolai Ivanovich (writer, 1744-1818). III. Vakhromeev, Ivan Alexandrovich (1843-1908). IV. Syromyatnikov, Alexei Stepanovich (- 1803). V. Smotritsky, Meleti Gerasimovich (c.1578-1633). VI. Preuss, Peter Ivanovich (1810 - 1846). VII. Mazurin, Fedor Fedorovich (1845 - 1899). VIII. University of Moscow. Typography. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Grammar.
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Publisher [Университетская типография, у Н. Новикова]
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