In the year 1812. God is not in power, but in truth

  Kvadri, Vladimir Viktorovich  (writer, military leader, 1859-).    
In the year 1812. God is not in power, but in truth: scenes in six scenes with an epilogue / op. VV Quadry. - St. Petersburg: published by V. Berezovsky, 1912. - [2], 40 p. ; 20. -
At 1 sec .: His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich with a sense of high esteem is devoted to him.
In the first scene, the action takes place in Vilna, at Napoleon's headquarters, before the invasion begins French troops to Russia. The action of the second painting takes place in the house of the Sverbeevs, where the hosts and their guests receive news of the beginning of the war. The groom of Lydia Sverbeeva Leonid Pletnev and her brother Konstanin Sverbeev go to war. The third picture describes the meeting between Konstantin and Leonid Kutuzov before the Battle of Borodino, in which they refuse to go to him as adjutants and ask to participate in the battle. The fourth picture describes the rate of Napoleon after the Battle of Borodino. The 5th painting is a council in Fili. Between the 5 th and 6 th paintings take about 3 months. The action takes place in the house of Sverbeev, Lydia and Leonid prepare for the wedding, Constantine is wounded in the arm. The play ends with a living picture-allegory: Russia in the image of a woman in a Russian costume is crowned with a bust of Emperor Alexander I with a laurel wreath. Among the actors are historical figures: MI Golenischev-Kutuzov, MB Barclay de Tolly, KF Tol, AP Ermolov, AI Osterman-Tolstoy, NN Raevsky, Napoleon I Bonaparte. .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. The Patriotic War - Fiction - 1812. 3. Russian plays - 19 - beginning. 20th centuries.
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