Herald of civil law. G. 2 1914, No. 2

Herald of civil law. - St. Petersburg: MM Vinaver, 1913-1917
G. 2 1914, No. 2. - 1914. - 152 p. + adj. (Pp. 113-144). -
Contents: In memory of Joseph Unger. a) Unger's personality / Yu. Ofner. b) Unger's life and activities. Right of private participation and his defense / VB Eliashevich. Sources of contractual insurance law / AGGoyhbarg. The newest explanations of the concept of "exploitation" in art. 683 T. X ch. 1 / NM Mezenkampf. Civil Chronicle / MM Vinaver. Regular questions in the science of private international law. Association of bill of exchange rights and proceedings / B.E. Nolde. Notes: 1) On the issue of remuneration for the abolition of the right of rural propination in the Kingdom of Poland (Regarding the new bill) / D. D. Grimm. 2) The power of the majority in joint-stock companies / VA Maklakov. Enclosed: Legislative materials: Civil Code. Book 5. Obligatory right (draft, introduced October 16, 1913 by the Minister of Justice in the State Duma) .
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