Herald of civil law. G. 3 1915, No. 3

Herald of civil law. - St. Petersburg: MM Vinaver, 1913-1917
G. 3 1915, No. 3. - 1915. - 160 p. -
Contents: Wreath at the grave of Shershenevich / MM Vinaver. The transition of commercial and industrial enterprises / D. D. Grimm. War, insurmountable force and civilian circulation / SA Belyatskin. Subjects of judicial recognition / TM Yablochkov. Civil Chronicle / MM Vinaver. Regular questions in the literature of civil law. Literature on the right of building / AL Freitag-Loringoven. Note: Home wills and typewriters / A. N. Butovskiy. Legislative materials: History and motives of the law on June 2, 1914 on some changes in the procedure for the production of civil cases in general judicial places .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Civil law - Periodicals. 4. Legal journals - Russia - early. 20 in ..
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