Law issues. [G. 2] 1911, Book. 7 (3)

Law: Journal of Scientific Jurisprudence. - Moscow: GS Feldstein, 1910-1912
[G. 2] 1911, Book. 7 (3). - 1911. - 189, [1] p. -
Contents: Referendum in England, as a way of resolving conflicts between chambers / BE Shatsky. On the study of the criminal in the science of criminal law / S. V. Poznyšev. Political court in the Moscow state of the XVII century / G. G. Telberg. On the order of inheritance in the line ascending by Russian law / TM Yablochkov. On the issue of codification / VA V International patronage congress in Antwerp / S. V. Poznyshev. Report on the activities of the Moscow Legal Society for 1910. Bar. B. E. Nolde. Essays on Russian state law. St. Petersburg, 1911 / rec. S. A. Kotlyarevsky. V. Ulyanitsky. International law. Tomsk, 1911 / rec. N. N. Golubev. Novombergsky. The Word and the Affair of the Tsar, T. 1. Moscow / Rec. G. G. Telberg. MK Lyubavsky. Essays on the history of the Lithuanian-Russian state before the Union of Lublin inclusive. Moscow, 1910 / rec. S. A. Kotlyarevsky. Hell. Prince. Protection of society and the transformation of criminal law, trans. with the French E. Markova, ed. and with the preface of prof. G. S. Feldstein. Moscow, 1911 / rec. G.Ya. Zak. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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