Law issues. [G. 3] 1912, Book. 10 (2)

Law: Journal of Scientific Jurisprudence. - Moscow: GS Feldstein, 1910-1912
[G. 3] 1912, Book. 10 (2). - 1912. - 240 s. -
Content: The right of private participation in the practice of the Civil Cassation Department Senate / AM Gulyaev. Veto-bill / BE Shatsky. Protection of the authors' personal rights in the new copyright law on March 20, 1911 / bar. A. A. Simolin. On the Penalty of Unfair Competition / LM Zaitsev. The decree of the spouse / B. A. Lapitsky. NN Alekseev. Natural sciences and social sciences in the historical relationship of their methods / SA Kotlyarevsky. S. A. Kotlyarevsky. Legal preconditions for Russian Basic Laws. Moscow, 1912. / BE Shatsky. G. G. Telberg. Essays on political court and political crimes in the Moscow state of the XVII century. Moscow, 1912. / S. A. Shumakov. V. M. Gribovsky. State structure and management of the Russian Empire. Odessa, 1912. / A. S. Tager. R. A. Reiss. Scientific technique of investigation of crimes. The course of lectures read in Lausanne by Professor Reuss to the ranks of the Russian judicial department in the summer of 1911. Compiled under the editorship of the Senior Legal Adviser of the Ministry of Justice, SN Tregubova. St. Petersburg, 1912 / IK Sukhoplyuev. Marcel Plagniol. The course of French civil law, Part 1. Theory of obligations and Part 2 - Treaties. Translation from the French V. Yu. Hartmann. Petrokov, 1911. / A. E. Worms. Franz Liszt. International law in a systematic presentation. Translation from the sixth German edition, ed. prof. V. E. Grabar. The third Russian edition, completely revised, with editor's additions and an outline of private international law, compiled by prof. B. E. Nolde. Yuryev (Derpt), 1912 / NN Golubev. Reply TM Yablochkov about his comments on the book: "The right and personality of the peasant" / NP Druzhinin. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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