Law issues. G. 1 1910, Book. 2

Law: Journal of Scientific Jurisprudence. - Moscow: GS Feldstein, 1910-1912
G. 1 1910, Book. 2. - 1910. - 237, [7] p. -
Contents: The beginning of the rule of law in the modern state / AS Alekseev. The main features of conditional early release under the law of June 22, 1909 / PI Lublinsky. Private-legal features of allotment land ownership / DS Rosenblum. To the question of the consequences of the "most important" cases / VS Malchenko. Changes in civil proceedings by precinct judges / A. V. Zavadsky. B. Frese. Aus dem gräco-ägyptischen Rechtsleben. Eine papyrologische Studie / rec. A. Worms. Baron A. Freytag-Loringoven. Inheritance in peasant real estate under German law. T. 1. Historical background / rec. T. Yablochkov. L. Ya. Tauber. Complaint of the victim in crimes of unofficial / rec. DA Chervonetsky. Ludw. Gumplowicz. The general doctrine of the state / rec. M.S. Feldstein. Percy Ashley. Local and central management / rec. SA Shumakov .
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