Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum. Book. 73

      Demidov Lyceum  (Yaroslavl).
Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum: book. 1-103. - Yaroslavl, 1872-1910
Book. 73. - 1898. - Div. pag. -
Publishing house: Typographic lithography of G. V. Falk.
At the end of the table of contents: LXXIII the book was published on April 25, 1898; there are 30 sheets in it.
A number of articles have separate documents. tit. l.
Contents: Journal of the Council of the Lyceum of the meetings on August 24, October 7 and November 25, 1895 with annexes (pp. 1-37). Textbook of church law. Ord. prof. NS Suvorova (continued) (S. I-XIII, 177-272). The idea of ​​patronage as an idea of ​​internal management of the pre-associate professor I. Ya. Gurland (continued) (pp. 57-168). The evolution of the modern capitalism of Gopssen, translated from English. Privat-Associate Professor AR Svirshchevsky (continued) (pp. 137-264). Manor lands of peasants of community members from the point of view of civil law. Privat-Associate Professor SP Nikonov (pp. 1-21). Legal Bibliography No. 48-th (pp. 1-48) .
1. Demidov legal lyceum (Yaroslavl, city) - Collections. 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory of Russia (collection). 4. Law - History - Russia - Collections. 5. Law - Teaching methodology - Compilations. 6. Legal journals.
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