Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum. Book. 92

      Demidov Lyceum  (Yaroslavl).
Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum: book. 1-103. - Yaroslavl, 1872-1910
Book. 92. - 1906. - Sect. pag. -
Publishing House: Printing Office of Provincial Government.
A number of articles have separate documents. tit. l.
Contents: N. N. Golubev. International congresses and conferences (pp. 1-288). IK Lang. Fishing right of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Trans. with additions and amendments by prof. E. N. N. Berendtsa (S.I-VIII, 1-372). Legal Bibliography. Issue. The 67th: 1. A Baykov. The modern legal capacity of the papacy. Answer Mr. Evgeny. Temnikovsky (pp. 1-31). 2. v. Ferneck. Die Rechtswidrigkeid. I. Bd. Jena. 1903 (rec. NI Palienko) (pp. 32-48). Legal Bibliography. Issue. 68th: 1. v. Ferneck. Die Rechtswidrigkeit. I. Bd. Jena. 1903 (recount NI Palienko, The ending) (pp. 1-18). 2. Fr. Stein. Ueber die Voranssetsungen des Rechtsschutges. Halle. 1903 (rec. V. M. Gordon) (pp. 19-29). A. Svirshchevsky. Economic literature in Italy and France in recent times (pp. 30-47). Program on the Encyclopedia of Law, prof. N. Palienko (pp. 1-8). Program on Russian Civil Law (pp. 1-18). Ads. .
1. Demidov legal lyceum (Yaroslavl, city) - Collections. 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory of Russia (collection). 4. Law - History - Russia - Collections. 5. Law - Teaching methodology - Compilations. 6. Legal journals.
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