Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum. Book. 19

      Demidov Lyceum  (Yaroslavl).
Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum: book. 1-103. - Yaroslavl, 1872-1910
Book. 19. - 1879. - Sect. pag. -
Publishing house: in the publishing house of the Provincial Government.
Contents: Report on the state of the lyceum for 1878, with annexes (pp. 1-36). The journals of the Council's meetings for January, February, March and April months of 1879 (pp. 37-64). The task and method of political economy, introductory lecture of AA Isaev (p. 253-278). The answer to the article of V. Sokolsky's Handbook on the Study of the External History of Rome (No. 279-288), placed in No. 2 of the Critical Review. Book catalogs. A. A. Borzenko (S. 289-328). Chronicle of the Lyceum for 1878-1879 academic year M. N. Kapustin (P. 329-355). The scope of the procedure for private prosecution in the Russian law and the ladder of general penalties under the Code of penalties for penal and correctional ND Sergeevsky (pp. 1-8). Readings on the political economy and finance of MN Kapustin (first half) (pp. 4-256). About logging communities in the mountains of Siegerland G. Achenbach, translation of V. V. Sokolsky (pp. 1-30). Catalog of the Lyceum Library (pp. 695-718). - Ex. SPbSU is defective. There are no articles: Readings on political economy and finance of MN Kapustin (first half) (pp. 4-256). Catalog of the lyceum library (pp. 695-718) .
1. Demidov legal lyceum (Yaroslavl, city) - Collections. 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory of Russia (collection). 4. Law - History - Russia - Collections. 5. Legal journals.
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