Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum. Book. 8

      Demidov Lyceum  (Yaroslavl).
Temporary of the Demidov legal lyceum: book. 1-103. - Yaroslavl, 1872-1910
Book. 8. - 1874. - Sect. pag. -
Publishing House: Tiger. Lips of the Zemstvo Board, Gub. board and Falk.
A number of articles have separated. tit. l.
Contents: Extracts from the minutes of the Council (April and June 1874) (pp. 1-24). Report of the Board of Trusteeship on underage students (pp. 25-40). The program of lectures of criminal law MV Dukhovsky (pp. 529-544). Annals of the Demidov legal lyceum for the 1873-74 academic year. Director MN Kapustin (S. 545-572). Introduction to the course of the Universal History of Law. Ingress. Lecture of e. about. prof. V. V. Sokolsky (S. 573-594). Legal and political grounds for public service. O. prof. N. K. Nelidova (P. 237-281). State and public education in Russia XVIII century. The system of professional education (ending). O. prof. MF Vladimirsky-Budanov (S. 193-330). Russian Civil Law. Introduction and. etc. Assoc. A. A. Borzenko (pp. 1-48). The concept and legal nature of possession of things under Roman law. Candidate reasoning A. Kolokoltsev (S. 1-51). The initial moments of the doctrine of the mortgage law. Candidate reasoning by A. Minervin (pp. 1-32). Catalog of the Library of the Lyceum (pp. 217-264). .
1. Demidov legal lyceum (Yaroslavl, city) - Collections. 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory of Russia (collection). 4. Law - History - Russia - Collections. 5. Legal journals.
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