Gosdanker Veniamin Veniaminovich, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War

Voronova, Margarita Ivanovna    
Gosdanker Veniamin Veniaminovich, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [a photograph album of 1941-1945. and 2009] / photo by Margarita Voronova [and others]. - Electronic data (3 files: 4.2 MB). - Stavropol [et al.], 1941-1945, 2009. -
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Information about the photographs is provided by the Stavropol Kununb. M. Yu. Lermontov. Place and date of filming: Leningrad, September 1941; Poland, March 1945; Stavropol, Stavropol KUNB, 27.11.2009. Photo author 1: Margarita Voronova; the authors of photos 2-3 are unknown.
The album includes two black and white photographs of 1941-1945. and color photography of 2009: 1) Portrait of Honored Culture Worker, Member of the Library Council of the Stavropol KUNB, former Director of the Stavropol Regional Museum Veniamin Veniaminovich Gosdanker, the picture was taken on November 27, 2000; 2) V. V. Gosdanker - a pupil of the 7th Special Artillery School in Leningrad, the picture was taken in September 1941; 3) V. V. Gosdanker - platoon commander, junior lieutenant, calculation of artillery pieces, Poland, March 1945
I. Stavropol State Regional Universal Scientific Library. M. Yu. Lermontov. Gosdanker, Veniamin Veniaminovich (1925) - Photographs. 2. Russia in the faces (collection). 3. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 4. Territory (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: Stavropol Territory (collection). 6. Stavropol Territory: pages of history (collection). 7. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War - Stavropol Territory - 1941 - 1945 - Photographs. 8. Documentary photographs.
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E-copy source: Stavropol KUNB
Location on map of original: Stavropol KUNB
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