Certificate of the Convent of the Cross

  Nikon  (Minov, Nikita, patriarch, 1605-1681).    
A reading and writing about a religious monastery. - Moscow: Printed courtyard, [after 24.VI.1656]. - 1 second. empty, 1 engraving, with. 1-15, [1] - [15], 17-44, 2 empty liters. ; 4. -
Certificate of the foundation of the Krishna Kii Monastery in the White Sea.
Font: 85 mm.
Lines: 16.
Books of the Cyrillic press published in Moscow in the XVI-XVII centuries / A. S. Zernova .- M., 1958 .
1. Godfather Onega Men's Monastery - Documents and materials. 2. Russian language (collection).
BBC 63.3 (28-8Arch) 45-37y11
BBK 86.372.24-344.5 (28-8Arch) l
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archive: РГБ
Publisher Печатный двор
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