Children are partisans. (To fight with Napoleon)

  Dingelstedt, Nikolai Fedorovich von  (1852-).    
Children are partisans. (To fight with Napoleon): play for children in 2 days and 3 cards. / Nicholas f. Dingelstedt. - St. Petersburg, 1912. - [2], 20 p. -
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Written by hand on both sides of the tetrad sheeted sheets. Text on the first 20 pages. The rest of the pages are empty. - A copy of the St. Petersburg State Theater Library with a stamp and handwritten notes: The submission is allowed. St. Petersburg, June 27, 1912 Censor of dramatic works Rebrov.
4 boys 6-12 years old, 3 girls 7-11 years old. The action takes place in the first days of November 1812 in the landed estates. Children decide to go into the forest to fight the French, but when they hear about the return of their parents, they run home .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. Patriotic War - Partisan Movement - Fiction - 1812. 3. Plays Russian - 19 - beg. 20th centuries.
ББК 84 (2Рос = Рус) 1
ББК 63.3 (2) 521.1-686,5
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Original storage: St. Petersburg. state. Theater. b-ka
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