Weekly of Soviet Justice. 1924, No. 39/40 (October 9-16)

Weekly of Soviet Justice. - Moscow: The Legal Publishing House of the NKJ of the RSFSR, 1922-1929. -
The main editors of the "Weekly of Soviet Justice" were N. Cherlyunchakevich (1922), A. Lisitsin (1922-1923), N. Krylenko (1923-1925), D. Kursky (1926-1928 biennium ), J. Brandenburg (1928-1929), P. Stuchka (1929).
Since 1928 the "Weekly of Soviet Justice" is published three times a month with the annex "Judicial practice of the RSFSR" edited by the Chairman of the Supreme Court RSFSR P. Stuchki.
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1924, No. 39/40 (October 9-16). - 1924. - S. [919] -966, [2]. -
Contents: Judicial questions at the 2nd session of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee XI conv. / J. Brandenburg. Closer to the village / V. Mokeev. On child crime / S. Chiknavoryan. On the punishability of theft of electrical energy / Osinsky. On calling witnesses and experts and demanding evidence at the request of the accused / Andreev. The formulation of the judicial sentence / M. Strogovich. To the question of interpretation of approx. to art. 416 Gr. Code. I. I. Peretersky. How are the acts on the deminipalization of buildings carried out? / AM About the legal consequences of Leningr. floods / V. Golubev. On the so-called judicial red tape and its causes / F. Wolfson. Still on the issue of the competence of people's judges / G. Pereverzev. On the competence of people. judges / Rosenman. On the matter of cases of stowaways, excessively checked baggage and seniority / A. Sherstnev. About narcessionists / L. Rosenblum. About Art. 206 Ug. Code. / K. Solntsev. Obreyvizovanie judicial bodies of Siberia / A. Lisitsyn and Meren. Overview owls. legislation for the period from September 17 to 24, 1924 / M. Braginsky and others. .
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