Christmas tree

Elka: collection of articles and materials / edited by S. S. Bazykin, E. A. Flerina; Narkompros, Committee on the toy. - 2-nd revised and supplemented edition. - Moscow: Uchpedgiz, 1937. - 94, [2] p. : ill. ; 30х23 cm. -
Binding and title: BS Nikiforov. Screensavers and endings: MM Bleherov.
Contains articles and materials: Christmas tree in kindergarten / E. Fleurin. Celebration of the Christmas tree / M. Ulitskaya. Feast of a Christmas tree in the school / I. Jochelson. Christmas tree in the house of the Soyuz / E. Ovchinnikova. Songs and music at the Christmas tree festival / E. Greenberg. The puppet theater on the Christmas tree / E. Rosenthal. Ornaments and toys for the Christmas tree / S. Bazykin. Christmas toys-homemade / E. Bykovskaya. Christmas tree decorations / A. Dyshin. Christmas toys from cotton wool / A. Rusakov .
I. Bazykin, Sergey Sergeevich. II. Fleurin, Evgenia Alexandrovna (1889-1952) .1. The people (the collection). 2. New Year's articles - Methodical aids. 3. Children's holidays - Methodical aids. 4. New Year, holiday - Methodical aids.
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