Residential houses for working people

Albrecht, Heinrich    
Dwelling houses for working people: Meeting of plans of dwellings for workers and other persons and practical advice for their implementation: Projects of prof. A. Messel, architect. and prep. Craft. shk. in Berlin and other technicians-specialists / [] Dr. Albrecht; Trans. with him. ; [ed. and pre. N. Polovitsky]. - St. Petersburg: Type. R. Golike, 1899. - [8], 78 pp., 12 liters. yl, pl. : pl. ; 30 cm. -
According to. region: Cheap apartments in Germany and self-help in their arrangement.
I. Polovitsky, N. 1. Russia - Germany: to the history of relationships (collection). 2. Dwelling houses - Germany - 19 in ..
BBC 63.3 (4Gem) 53-2-282.1
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Publisher Тип. Р. Голике
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