Journal of the Law Society at the Imperial St. Petersburg University. G. 28 1898, book. 7, September

      Legal Society (St. Petersburg).
Journal of the Law Society at the Imperial St. Petersburg University. - St. Petersburg: Typography of the Governing Senate, 1894-1898. -
Titles: 1871-1872 Journal of Civil and Commercial Law; 1873-1894 kn. 1 Journal of Civil and Criminal Law; 1899-1906 Journal of Law .
1. Legal Society (St. Petersburg, city) - Periodicals. 2. Power (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Law - Periodicals. 5. Juridical journals - Russia - 19 - 20 centuries.
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G. 28 1898, book. 7, September. - 1898. - II, CXXIII-CCII, 158, 115, III p. -
Contents: Legislation and orders of the government. The tasks of studying Russian customary law / A. Leontiev. The emergence of obligations / N. Poletayev. Law, custom and gypsies / P. Sheimin. The law of 2 June 1897 on juveniles and minors in procedural terms / V. Volzhin. Chronicle of civil court. Economic Review (second half of 1897). The customary right of inheritance according to the practice of the volost courts of the Luga district / V. Efimov. The abolition of the harmful custom of our judicial practice / G. Fedotov-Chekhovsky. Fiduciary speculation and the struggle with it of the law / V. Bylinsky. Psychiatric examination in the criminal court and the doctrine of insanity / Iv. Platonov. To the history of labial institutions / S. Shumakov. AP Kontsevich (obituary) / Dm. Tutkevich, [and others]. - Bibliography in footnotes .
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