The importance of the society Patronage during the war and people's disasters

Barantsevich, Evgeny Mavrikievich (-1917).    
The Importance of the Society Patronage during the War and the National Disasters / Е.М. Barantsevich. - Tomsk: type. Shelter and House of Industriousness, 1915. - 112, XII p. ; 22. -
Ver. Region: Mobilization of conditionally-released prisoners in places of imprisonment of Russia, (as volunteers). Bibliography: Compositions E.M. Barantsevich ...: with. VIII-XII .
1. A society of protection from persons released from places of detention. 2. The people (the collection). 3. The First World War (collection). 4. Charity - Russia - 1914 - 1918.
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