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Icon "Kerch": [photo] / photographer A. Melentiev. - Electronic data (1 file: 1.5 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. - (Cities - heroes). -
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On the photo: a souvenir badge "Kerch". A rectangle shaped icon with rounded corners along the top edge, in the center - a relief symbolic image of the obelisk of Glory. In the upper part - the image of the medal "Gold Star", in the lower part - a symbolic image of the map of the peninsula Crimea, serving for the size of the badge. On the map is the inscription: Kerch. "It is included in the series of badges" Hero cities "issued by the factory" Fiolent "(Simferopol) .The yellow metal is stamping .The green, orange and red enamels are 38x18 mm in size. factory: "Fiolent" factory (Simferopol), price 23 kopecks Location: From private collection - On the souvenir badge "Kerch" is depicted the obelisk of Glory, installed on Mitridat mountain in Kerch, built according to the project of architect Alexei Kiselev, 8 August 1944 Obelisk of Glory to Immortal Heroes on Mount Mithridates - a monument dedicated to the generals, officers, sergeants and rank-and-file of the Separate Primorsky Army, sailors of the Azov military flotilla and all the soldiers who died in battles for the liberation of the Crimea (November 1943-April 1944.) The monument was built by the soldiers of the 9th engine-engineering battalion under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel F. I. Kinevsky.The trihedral 24-meter obelisk is mounted on a multistage pedestal on the side facing the city, the model of the Order of Glory is strengthened. A strict monument is visible at a distance of up to 20 km. On the pedestal, as if guarding an obelisk, there are three 76-mm cannons. Nearby there is a large plaque in the form of a full-length book, made of marble, which lists the names of 146 Heroes of the Soviet Union, marked by the highest awards of the Motherland in the battles for the city of Kerch. September 14, 1973 Kerch awarded the title Hero City with the best awards of the USSR - the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal .
I. Melentiev, Alexei Mikhailovich (1958-). II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). III. "Fiolent", factory (Simferopol) .1. Kiselev, Alexei Dmitrievich (1905-1979). Obelisk of Glory on Mount Mithridates - Badges. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 4. Territory (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: Crimea, Republic (collection). 6. The Republic of Crimea: pages of history (collection). 7. Hero cities - USSR - Badges. 8. "Gold Star", medal - Badges. 9. Souvenir badges - the USSR.
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