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Icon "Leningrad: Hero City": [photo] / photographer A. Melentiev. - Electronic data (1 file: 0.9 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. -
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In the photo: a souvenir badge "Leningrad: Hero City". The icon is rectangular in the center - a relief image of the obelisk "Hero-City of Leningrad" on a red background, in the lower part - a laurel branch and a fluttering blue ribbon with the inscription: "Leningrad." Hero City, forming protrusions. White metal. Stamping. Red and blue enamels. The size is 32x11 mm. Pin fastening. On the reverse side - the brand of the manufacturer: an experienced factory of metal haberdashery and souvenirs "Leningrad souvenir", the price is 15 kopecks. Location: From a private collection. - On the souvenir badge "Leningrad: Hero City" an obelisk depicts the "Hero-City of Leningrad", established on May 8, 1985 on the Vosstaniya Square. Leningrad was first named "Hero City" in the Order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on May 1, 1945. The obelisk was built in accordance with the Provision on the highest degree of distinction - the title "Hero City", approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on May 8, 1965. The authors of the monument are architects: VS Lukyanov and AI Alymov. Bronze high reliefs were made by a team of sculptors - AS Charkin, VD Sveshnikov, BA Petrov and AA Vinogradov. The obelisk is a vertical granite monolith with a total height of 36 meters. In the lower part of the obelisk there are oval high reliefs on which the main moments of the heroic defense of Leningrad are depicted: "Blockade", "Rear for the front", "Attack", "Victory". On the ornamental cartouche inscription - "City-Hero Leningrad". Above the high reliefs, completing the base of the obelisk, the pentahedral monolithic trunk is framed by the bronze crown of Glory. The top of the structure is crowned with the "Golden Star" .
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