Selected Works

  Kozlikhin, Igor Yurievich      
Selected Works / I. Yu. Kozlikhin; Ass. jurid. Centre. - St. Petersburg: Legal Center-Press, 2012. - 583 p. [1] l. color. portraiture. ; 22. - (Theory and History of State and Law / Rare: I. Yu. Kozlikhin (editorial editors) [and others]). -
In the signature to the portraits. Authors: Kozlikhin I. Yu. - d. Prof., Cand. a scientist of the Russian Federation.
Bibliogr. in a substring. note. - 500 copies. - ISBN 978-5-94201-638-8 .
1. Power (collection). 2. Right - Collections. 3. Political Science - Collections.
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Source of the electronic copy: Legal Center-Press
Location on map of the original: Legal Center-Press
ISBN 978-5-94201-638-8
Publisher Юридический центр-Пресс
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