Non-Russians in Russia

Alektory, AE    
Foreigners in Russia: Contemporary Issues: Finns. Poles. Latvians. The Jews. Germans. The Armenians. Tatars / With predisl. and the addition of AS Budilovich. - St. Petersburg. : About zealots rus. east. enlightenment in memory of the imp. Alexander III, 1906. -2, 134 p. -
Before the flag: At the expense of the fund. Count PS Stroganov and IP Khrushchov.
I. Budilovich, A.S. The people (the collection). 2. National Policy - History - Russia.
BBC 63.3 (2) -38
Electronic copy source: PB
Location on the original: ГПИБ
Publisher О-во ревнителей рус. ист. просвещения в память имп. Александра III
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