History of Russian Language and Literature


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Buslaev, Fedor Ivanovich (1818-1897).    
The history of Russian language and literature: lectures read by ordinary professor FI Buslaev to students of II, III and IV courses East-Phil. fact. Them. Moscow. univ. - [Moscow]: ed. A. Mavrodiadi: the lithographer E. Astakhov, [1867/8 acad. year]. - 108, [3] p. ; 27 cm. -
At the end of the text it is indicated: V.Desnin was engaged in the preparation of these lectures.
Written by hand. Lithography. - On the copy of the GPIB exlibris: The library of Ivan Yegorovich Zabelin .
I. Zabelin, Ivan Egorovich (1820-1908) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. Old Russian literature - Educational publications for higher educational institutions. 3. Annals of the Russian - Educational publications for higher educational institutions.
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Издательство изд. А. Мавродиади литограф Е. Астахова
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