To the anthropology of the Buryats. Buryat-Alarcy

  Porotov, Mikhail Timofeevich  (1854-).    
To the anthropology of the Buryats. Buryat-Alars: a thesis on the degree of Doctor of Medicine / [op.] Mikhail Timofeevich Porotov; censors: Acad. NP Ivanovsky, ordinarian. prof. A. I. Tarenetsky, the private lecturer. N. A. Batuev. - St. Petersburg: type. PP Sojkina, 1895. - 178 p. : tab., ill. ; 22. - (A series of doctoral dissertations admitted to the defense in the Imperial Military Medical Academy in 1895-1896, No. 20). - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Buryat - Anthropological research - Theses.
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